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Three New Videos Available Now

CIESC Media Services has launched three new training videos in the past three months. Our McKinney-Vento Homeless Youth: All Staff Awareness training helps schools comply with Indiana Code by offering teachers, paraprofessionals, support staff, and others training at least once per year. Implicit Bias is the perfect introduction to understanding the differences between implicit bias, racism, and microaggressions. The Stop the Bleed: Basics video is a helpful refresher to those who have completed a full Stop the Bleed course, or for those who are interested in helping save a life.

CIESC training videos

Homeless Youth

McKinney-Vento Homeless Youth: All Staff Awareness training is required for all staff members every year. Topics include definitions of homelessness, recognizing signs, and steps to take when a student is identified.
Total length 20:00 mins.

Stop the Bleed:

All staff can make a difference in saving someone’s life by knowing the basics of Stop the Bleed. This video covers Indiana Stop the Bleed laws, important definitions, and life-saving bleeding control techniques.
Total length 13:30 mins.

Addressing Our
Implicit Bias

Implicit biases are attitudes or stereotypes that unconsciously affect our actions, decisions, and understanding. Objects are to define Implicit Bias, Racism, Microaggressions, and the differences between them all.
Total length: 17:30 mins.


A crisis is a true test of how prepared you are.  It’s not IF you’ll face a crisis. It’s WHEN you’ll face a crisis. You’ll get a high-level foundation for communicating during a crisis. You’ll learn the nature of a crisis, how to level the playing field, messaging that works, and advanced crisis planning.
Total length: 53:00 mins.

Title IX 2020 Regulations
for Educators

Learn the Basics of new 2020 Title IX Regulations, actual knowledge needed in your district, the definition of Sexual Harassment, and the definition of “Program or Activity” for K-12 schools.

Total length 13:00 mins.

Title IX 2020 Regulations
for Investigators and Decision-makers

New 2020 Title IX regulations require that all Title IX Coordinators, investigators, decision-makers, and any person who facilitates an informal resolution must receive training on definitions, how to conduct an investigation, serving impartially, issues of relevance, and fair investigative reports.
Total length 45:00 mins.

Child Abuse
& Neglect

Indiana Code 20-28-3-4.5 requires all Indiana school employees who are likely to have direct, ongoing contact with children to be trained on recognizing possible signs of child abuse and neglect and the duty to report every other year.
Total length 15:45 mins.


Schools must navigate a changing landscape in which cruelty can be spread by anyone old enough to use a smartphone – while they wrestle with expanded responsibilities, prevention, and lawsuits. This training video will discuss the Indiana state definition of bullying and suggest prevention strategies from local experts. 
Total length 11:15 mins.

Substitute Training
2-part series

In part one, learn about appropriate attire, etiquette, communicating with the students, reporting back to the permanent teacher, and some general knowledge before entering the classroom. The second part will discuss classroom management, unlocking the doors to academic focus, productivity, trust, safety, increased employment opportunities, and sanity at the end of the day.
Total Length: 51:00 mins

Behavioral Issues & Special Needs
3-part series

The BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT segment provides six crisis intervention strategies. They defuse out-of-control behaviors and reinforce positive behaviors in the classroom.
Total length 50:00 mins.

Internal Controls:
Indiana Code 5-11-1-27

Indiana State requirement 5-11-1-27 impacts all employees who oversee or work with any aspect of finance or accounts. This video has been approved by the Indiana State Board of Accounts and will explain what are internal controls, why they are needed and what steps to take to put them in place.
Total length 9:15 mins.


Microorganisms in the blood or other body fluids can cause life-threatening diseases: HIV, Hepatitis B, and C. CIESC has earned two Accolated “Award of Merit” awards for Bloodborne Pathogens: Universal Precautions.
Total length 13:00 mins.

Substitute Training
Dos and Don'ts

The art of teaching effectively in a temporary capacity. Topics covered are: How to dress, communicating with the students, proper etiquette, reporting back to the teacher. Includes insights from Teachers and Principals.
Total length 7:30 mins.

Student Diabetes

Three-part overview of diabetes and hunter’s law; New requirements for schools; Recognizing symptoms, behaviors, and life-threatening conditions and treatments; Hypoglycemia, Hyperglycemia, Ketoacidosis; Recognizing and responding to blood glucose changes.
Total length 49:00 mins.

School Bus
Driver Safety

Experienced school bus drivers and experts from a professional driving school and the Indiana Dept. of Education provide pre-trip inspection procedures, driving and parking exercises, road test components, student behavior management guidelines, and safety equipment needs every driver should have at arms reach.
Total length 15:00 mins.

School Custodian

Experienced staff and safety experts that can help prevent work-related accidents, injuries, and even electrocution. Chemical, environmental, and electrical safety risks are discussed, along with the importance of having systematic approaches to repetitive tasks.
Total length 13:00 mins.

Beyond A Hug: Professional
Standards for Teachers

As educators, administrators, staff and volunteers working in our schools we have a professional obligation; to better the lives of the young people we educate. That means doing all we can to be as professional as possible while balancing the needs of our students.
Total length 14:00 mins.

Computer Usage
in the Classroom

Acceptable email and website use; school and individual rights; comprehensive definitions of appropriate and inappropriate language and material. A necessity for new staff; also appropriate as annual “refresher” for all staff members.
Total length 10:00 mins.

FERPA: Family Education
Rights & Privacy Act

FERPA – The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a video produced by the Central Indiana Educational Service Center for the purpose of informing staff and parents about this federal law.
Total length 12:00 mins.

Cyber Bullying
2-part series

Mary Robison discusses cyberbullying in schools. This is a two-part series. Even though it may not take place in person, the emotional and psychological effects of cyber-bullying are just as destructive.
Total length 58:00 mins.

The Impact

The start of each school year brings concerns over concussions among student-athletes. This video helps coaches, parents, students, and others supplement the laws. You’ll also be given ideas where to turn for more information and hear from experts in the field of concussion management.
Total length 9:00 mins.

Understanding Student Autism & Asperger's Syndrome

In this overview training, you will gain a better understanding of the characteristics of students with Autism & Asperger’s. Learn from Indiana medical experts about how these characteristics affect these students’ ability to communicate and interact. You will also learn new communication strategies from experts in the field that diffuse potentially tense situations.
Total Length: 23:00 mins

Safety Demonstration

Electricity is all around us. From the electronics in our home to the transmission tower lines running across our landscape. Every aspect of our lives involves electricity. We have become dependent on it for our daily lives, yet it also can be considered the most dangerous thing in our homes.
Total Length 12:00 mins