How to Get 10x More Facebook Engagement


If you’re sharing Youtube or Vimeo links on Facebook, you may not be getting the kind of engagement you expected. In fact, a recent study found that “native” Facebook videos receive up to 10X the number of interactions that Youtube videos receive. If you’re wondering what a “native” Facebook video is, it’s when you literally upload your video file from your computer to Facebook (sharing a link does not count!).

One reason for the difference in engagement is that Youtube links do not autoplay. They actually open up in a new window and play from Youtube. Native videos begin playing automatically in your friend’s Facebook feeds whether they like it or not. Another reason is Facebook’s algorithm is [probably] designed to favor Facebook videos over Youtube videos. It’s top-secret and nobody actually knows, but if you look at the stats, native videos seem to dominate engagement.

[heading]Here is what you do…[/heading]
If you want to receive up to 10X the engagement on your Facebook posts, you’re going to have to take a few extra steps, but we think it’s totally worth it! CIESC Media Services made a video explaining exactly how to download your Youtube video and caption file, and upload it directly to Facebook. No more links!
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  1. Download video and caption file
  2. Upload directly to YouTube
  3. Remember to include captions


[heading]Watch this video to learn how[/heading]
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