My name is Jonathan Shingleton and currently, I am interning for Media Services at CIESC. Previously I was a production assistant at Emmanuel Church in Greenwood for almost three years. When I started working there I immediately loved working there and knew I wanted to start pursuing a career similar to it. I changed my major to media arts and science a semester later and now three years later, I’m finishing up my undergrad and about to start my life after college.

There are many things that I hope to get out of this internship, the first being experience. I would like to continue furthering my skills just by learning how others do it and getting more hands-on experience where I have ample opportunities to try new things and get creative. Next I would like to get familiar working in more of a corporate environment. Since working at the church for a few years I’ve always been curious about how different working in another setting might be. I could’ve easily done an internship at the church, but I wanted to have my background be more diverse and really know for sure which environment I would prefer to work in long-term. Lastly, I wanted to make videos that I could use in my portfolio. When doing projects in school, you really only make portfolio-level work during your last year. So by the time you finish school, you haven’t even come close to enough pieces for your portfolio as you would want. By the end of this internship I’m really hoping that what I have completed for CIESC will represent my skill level throughout my portfolio.

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