The Benefits of Video for Referendums

Benefits of Video Referendums

A referendum is a public question placed on a ballot that invites voters in a specific county or area to make their voice heard. It can cover a range of topics such as: 

  • Funding for new sports facilities
  • Increase in art program funding
  • Funding to renovate existing school buildings

Awareness of Referendums

Before you can persuade the local public to vote for your referendum, first, you have to ensure that they even know about it. Video is a great way to get the word out about a referendum because it’s easy to disseminate. When you can post a video to your website, on your social media, or attach it in emails, people can pass it along to their neighbors and friends in the community.  

Check out this video example Media Services created in 2017 for Carmel Clay Schools.

Message Consistency

With a video, you control the messaging of the referendum. It’s important that voters are clued-in on key issues so they can make informed decisions when it comes time to cast their vote. Without clear communication, the referendum can be confusing for voters. It may even result in misunderstandings that cause the referendum to fail.  

One of the main issues we currently face with referendums is that many people are ill-informed about them. This is because the public may not understand the specifics and consequences of a policy decision. Video for referendums enables concise and consistent messaging, so people get a clear understanding of what they are voting on.

Breaking Down Complex Information 

Since referendums are mainly written in confusing “legalese,” it will be hard for much of the public to understand and effectively make decisions. A video about a school referendum can utilize images, graphics, and other special effects to bring some life to political questions that feel mundane when on paper. 

Videos naturally have the power to produce more riveting content and are great when it comes to breaking down and simplifying complex thoughts or language. Furthermore, video referendums have the potential to apply an emotional connection to a more clinical idea. While videos are ideal for explaining referendums, they’re also hugely beneficial in actually showing the public why the referendum needs their attention. Interviews with parents, students, and staff can put a new, personable spin on electorate-focused decision-making. 

Do you have an important referendum to pose to your voters? CIESC Media Services can partner with you to create compelling video content that helps explain and persuade. Contact us today!

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